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Identification details of the owner(s)

In fulfilment of the duty of information stipulated in Article 10 of Information Society and Electronic Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2002, U-CAN-GET-IT hereby informs you of the identification details demanded by the aforementioned regulation:

You are visiting the website which is owned by NURIA LORENZO CARBAJO (Tax ID: 11830589-X) and CARMEN QUESADA CARCELÉN (Tax ID: 11827031-V) (hereinafter, “U-CAN-GET-IT”).

Activity: Human resource, coaching and training consultancy services.
Registered Address: Calle Majuelo 1, 28005 Madrid
Phone numbers: 639169177 and 670246017

Conditions of use

These Conditions of Use (hereinafter, the "Legal Notice") constitute an agreement between you and U-CAN-GET-IT, including its subsidiaries, defining the rights and responsibilities corresponding to you and U-CAN-GET-IT with regard to the use of the website (hereinafter, the “Website”). The conditions may be accessed at any time, and should you expressly so request, you may be sent a hard copy.

By using the Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted this Legal Notice and the privacy and cookies policy in full and without reservation, in addition to any other notices or instructions included on the Website, undertaking to make proper use thereof in accordance with the law, morality and public policy. If you do not agree with the Legal Notice or any of its clauses, you must refrain from using the Website.

This Legal Notice governs the relationship between you and U-CAN-GET-IT with regard to use of the Website, and will remain in force for as long as it continues to be published. U-CAN-GET-IT reserves the right to modify at any time the content, information and/or the Legal Notice of this Website, the privacy and cookies policies, and all other legal notices. In the event of a change and/or modification to the content of this Legal Notice for the privacy and cookies policy and other notices, U-CAN-GET-IT will inform you via the Website or, should any person so request, by sending an email to the address provided thereby. The Legal Notice in force when the Website is accessed and/or any service is contracted shall apply. The new conditions shall apply from the point which they are made available. U-CAN-GET-IT may offer services and products via the Website, which may be subject to their own specific conditions, regarding which Users shall be informed in each particular case.

In the event of any type of discrepancy and/or contradiction between this Legal Notice and other specific legal notices, with regard solely to that discrepancy the specific legal notice shall apply, with all remaining clauses of this Legal Notice being applicable.


Access to the Website shall be unrestricted and free of charge, and no prior subscription or registration as a User is required to access and use the Website.

Notwithstanding the above, in the event that products and/or services are contracted via the Website, you must provide a series of personal data in order to be provided with the service and/or product requested, in addition to other content of the Website.

In the event of a purchase request, you will be the sole party responsible for the contracting of any products and/or services, and also for the accuracy and authenticity of the data provided in said process, and must bear all liabilities resulting from the contracting of services and/or products undertaken, no liability whatsoever attaching to U-CAN-GET-IT.

You agree to provide authentic, accurate, up-to-date and complete information when requesting the services, and are the sole party liable for any inexactitude, mistake or inaccuracy in providing the information.

You must provide the data requested on a mandatory basis in order to be provided with the service.

Before you proceed to contract a service and/or product via the Website, you will first be informed of the following:

  • The various procedures to be conducted in order to execute the contract.
  • Whether the service provider will archive the electronic document used to formalise the contract, and whether this will be accessible.
  • The technical resources made available to identify and correct errors in data entry.
  • The language or languages in which the contract may be drawn up.
  • The means of payment.

Once the contract has been consummated, the Website will confirm acceptance of the order, serving notice of the final price, with a breakdown thereof into various items (product, dispatch…), in addition to the applicable taxes and levies.

Information will likewise be provided as to the procedure for payment, delivery and the execution of services and/or products, and the existence of any possible delivery restrictions.

With regard to the right of abandonment, this may be exercised within a cooling-off period of fourteen (14) days of the time when the contract is executed, and if you are required to bear any cost, you will be informed thereof duly in advance.


You undertake to make use of the Website, the content and services in accordance with the Law, this Legal Notice, approved practice and public policy. You likewise undertake not to use the Website, its content or any services provided via it for unlawful purposes or effects, or any that would infringe the contents of this Legal Notice, that would be harmful to third-party interests or rights, or could in any way damage, disable, prevent access to or undermine the Website, its content or services, or prevent normal enjoyment thereof by other users.

You likewise expressly undertake not to destroy, alter, disable or in any other way damage data, programs or electronic documents found on the Website. You undertake not to enter any programs, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or sequence of characters that would or could be liable to cause any type of alteration to the IT systems of U-CAN-GET-IT or of other users of the Website or any Internet user (hardware and software).

You accept an obligation and undertaking not to transfer, disseminate or make available to third parties any class of material contained on the Website, such as information, text, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software, logos, trademarks, icons, technology, photographs, software, links, graphic design and source code, or any other type of material to which you might have access in your position as a user of the Website, said list serving as an example, without being entirely comprehensive. In accordance with all the above, you may likewise not reproduce, copy, distribute, make available, or in any other way publicly communicate, transform or modify the content of the Website, unless you have the explicit, written authorisation of U-CAN-GET-IT, which is the exclusive holder of the corresponding rights, or otherwise where this would be legally permitted. Eliminate, manipulate, or in any other way alter the copyright and other identification details preserving the rights of U-CAN-GET-IT or the holders thereof, watermarks and/or digital identification, or any other technical means established for the recognition thereof.

You must refrain from obtaining, and even from attempting to obtain, the content of the Website by using means or procedures other than those made available for this purpose in each case, or indicated for this purpose on the Website housing the content or, in general, means other than those typically employed on the Internet for this purpose, wherever there would be a risk of damaging or disabling the Website and/or the content.

Access to the Website does not entail an obligation on the part of U-CAN-GET-IT to monitor the absence of viruses, worms, or any other harmful computerised element. You are in all cases responsible for having access to appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs, and U-CAN-GET-IT therefore accepts no liability for any possible security errors that may occur during performance of the Website service, nor any possible harm that may be caused to your IT system or that of third parties (hardware and software) and/or the files or documents stored thereon as a consequence of the presence of a virus in the user's computer used to connect to the services and content of the Website, malfunctioning of the browser or the use of outdated versions thereof. Notwithstanding the above, U-CAN-GET-IT shall dedicate all possible efforts in an attempt to avoid any error or damage that might occur.


All content of the Website, unless indicated otherwise, is the exclusive property of U-CAN-GET-IT, including, by way of example, without being confined to: the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, some photographs, and all other elements appearing on the Website.

Likewise, the trademarks U-CAN-GET-IT®, CREATIVIZA-T® and CPQ D&D® contained on the Website are the property of Nuria Lorenzo Carbajo and Carmen Quesada Carcelén, and are protected by Law. U-CAN-GET-IT does not under any circumstances grant you any type of licence or authorisation for personal use over the intellectual and industrial property rights or over any other right connected with its Website and the services offered thereon.

As a result, Users acknowledge that the reproduction, distribution, commercial use, transformation and, in general, any other form of exploitation by any procedure, whether free of charge or for payment, of all or part of the content of the Website constitutes an infringement of U-CAN-GET-IT's intellectual and/or industrial property rights, or those of the holder thereof.


A part of the Website may contain advertising content or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are the sole parties responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion on the Website complies with any laws that might in the case in question apply to it.

U-CAN-GET-IT waives all liability for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that might be contained in advertising or sponsored content. Notwithstanding the above, U-CAN-GET-IT will implement all measures available to it within the technical state of the art to minimise such occurrences. In order to raise any grievance connected with the advertising content included on the Website, you may in all cases contact the following email address:


This Legal Notice refers solely to the Website and the content of U-CAN-GET-IT, and does not apply to the links or webpages of third parties accessible via the Website. The destinations of said links are not under the control of U-CAN-GET-IT, and consequently U-CAN-GET-IT is not responsible for the content of any of the webpages that are the destination of a link, nor any link included on a web page via which the U-CAN-GET-IT Website might be accessed, nor any change or update to said pages.

The function of the third-party links that appear on this Website is purely to provide information as to the existence of other websites containing information regarding the matter in question. The inclusion of such links does not constitute any suggestion or recommendation whatsoever, nor any approval of the web page linked to by U-CAN-GET-IT.

U-CAN-GET-IT accepts no liability for the content of the pages thus linked to, the functioning or utility of hyperlinks, nor the result of such links, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements therein that might cause alterations to the IT system (hardware and software), documents or files of the user, declining any liability for any damage of any type caused to the user as a result thereof.


Users may join the groups operated by U-CAN-GET-IT on various social media platforms in order to share the experiences they have had with the services and products of U-CAN-GET-IT, and to contact other followers of U-CAN-GET-IT.

Any user becoming a fan of the U-CAN-GET-IT or CREATIZIVA-T Group accepts the conditions of use and privacy policy of the corresponding social media platform.

The establishment of such applications does not entail the existence of any form of relationship between U-CAN-GET-IT and the owner, manufacturer or distributor of the platform linked to, nor any acceptance or approval by U-CAN-GET-IT of the content and/or services thereof, which are the sole responsibility of the owner, manufacturer or distributor.

Under no circumstances does U-CAN-GET-IT share with Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform that might be added in the future any type of private information about its users, and you will therefore be the sole party responsible for any information you might provide.

When such external networks are accessed, users enter an environment not controlled by U-CAN-GET-IT, and U-CAN-GET-IT will therefore bear no liability as to the security configuration of such environments.


U-CAN-GET-IT does not guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in access to the Website, or to its content, nor does it guarantee that they are up-to-date, although it will dedicate its best efforts in order, where applicable, to avoid, rectify or update such occurrences. U-CAN-GET-IT therefore accepts no liability for any damages or losses of any kind that you might suffer as a result of failures or disconnections in telecommunications networks leading to the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the Website service during or prior to the provision thereof.

U-CAN-GET-IT declines, with the exceptions set out in the legislation in force, any liability for damages and losses of any kind that might result from a lack of availability, continuity or quality of the functioning of the Website and of the Content, or non-fulfilment of the expectations of usefulness that users might have attributed to the Website and the Content.

The Website and its Content are in principle of undefined duration. Nonetheless, U-CAN-GET-IT is authorised to terminate or suspend, delete and/or restrict provision of the Website service and/or any Content at any time. Wherever reasonably possible, U-CAN-GET-IT will serve prior notice of the termination or suspension of the Website.


Given the dynamic and changing environment of the information and services provided via the Website, U-CAN-GET-IT dedicates its best efforts, but cannot guarantee the complete accuracy, precision, reliability, usefulness and/or currency of the Content. The information contained on the pages that comprise this Website is purely for information, consultation, education and advertising purposes. Under no circumstances does it offer or have the status of a binding or contractual commitment.


U-CAN-GET-IT declines all liability resulting from any decisions that you might take on the basis of this information, or any possible typographical errors that the Website documents and graphics might contain. The information is subject to possible periodic changes of content, without prior notice, in order to expand, improve, correct or update the Content.


All notices and communications served by U-CAN-GET-IT on the User by any means shall be deemed valid for all purposes.


With regard to any issues that might arise as to the interpretation, application and performance of this Legal Notice, and any claims that might result from usage thereof, all the parties involved expressly agree to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the City of Madrid, expressly waiving any other legal forum to which they might have been entitled.

Legislation applicable to the Legal Notice, which is governed by Spanish law.

This Legal Notice is subject to changes and updates, and as a result the version published by U-CAN-GET-IT may differ each time the User enters the Website.

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