CPQ [D&D] Creative Potential Diagnosis and Development

Identifying and Developing Creative Potential


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What is CPQ [D&D]®?

It's an online tool to identify and develop creative and innovative potential, providing immediate insight.

Discover your CREATIVE POTENTIAL to develop and make the most of it. In 15 minutes you can get to know yourself from within in the following dimensions:


CPQ [D&D]® identifies the creative potential configuration according to an individual’s preferences and reaction to change, adaptation, transformation or innovation, in relation to the cognitive, emotional and action configuration of such typology.


CPQ [D&D]® reveals your performance and orientation across the different stages of the Creative Process where you can influence: Preparation, Generation, Incubation, Verification and Elaboration/Communication.


CPQ [D&D]® reveals your preferences to your Creative Thinking Style (Divergent/Convergent). Both styles are innate and complement each other, but one style may be more necessary depending on situational demands.


CPQ [D&D]® provides an overview of the creative potential deployed and non-deployed in order to maximise it by establishing an action plan based on identified strengths and consolidated areas.

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Who is it for?

CPQ [D&D]® is suitable for both individual and team use in business, academic and training & development contexts.

Training & Development

Creative and innovative potential development
CPQ [D&D]® can be used by training departments and training partners as a suitable tool to include in courses, workshops and talent development programs for their employees and clients, respectively. This deepens and nurtures the acquisition of key competences leading to increased self-awareness and the evolution of creative potential.

Creative Diversity Management

Culture of Innovation
CPQ [D&D]® can be used with human teams in a business environment to gain vaulable insight into the preferences and distribution of creative and innovative talent in the organisation by maximasing performance and results through effective creative diversity management.


Creating new business paradigms
Innovation is synonymous with market differentiation; it gives rise to competitive advantages, ensuring not only impressive results but also sustainable growth over time. Any entrepreneurship projects brings with it crucial aspects like innovation, and striving for progress and continuous improvement. CPQ [D&D]® makes it easier for enterprising people to release their creative potential on their entrepreneurship project in order to get the very best our of themselves in pursuit of their enterprising goals.

Postgraduate Higher Education

Business Schools
By completing a Postgraduate / Master / Executive Development Program, students are exposed to new content, methods, strategies, etc. New information and valuable experiences that they must integrate successfully in order to command them in pursuit of their goals.

CPQ [D&D]® serves as an accelerator that boosts the changes that come with every profesional who chooses to take this step in his/her career.

CPQ [D&D]® can be included just as any other element in a postgraduate higher education program to complement the academic and practical aspects with a personal development resource that helps the individual discover the shape of their internal potential, allowing them to manage and consciously develop it in pursuit of their interests.

Research and Development (R&D)

Sustainable Leadership Speed of change is a constant challenge faced by organisations of our time. Many dedicate a great deal of resources and undertake significant economic investments in order to produce a competitive Project and provide the market with innovative products that ensure the organisation’s market leadership remains sustainable over a long period of time.

CPQ [D&D]® supports the management and development of creative and innovative talent among members of the R&D team, helping them maximise their creative and innovative abilities.


Personal & profesional transformation
CPQ [D&D]® is available to anyone who wishes to undertake a process of personal and/or profesional change in which self-knowledge and self-awareness are crucial in designing new habits to enhance your performance and your capacity for taking effective action in aspects of innovation and creativity.

Talent Acquisition

Identifying creative talent CPQ [D&D]® can be applied to candidates who pursue positions in which an innovative and creative personality is crucial in achieving the goals and meeting the demands of the role.

CPQ [D&D]® identifies the creativity typology, creative thinking style, and how the candidate behaves throughtout the stages of the creative process by providing a visual report that is simple to understand.

How does it work?

1. Access CPQ [D&D]® online and get a detailed report which provides you inmediate insight.

2. Get a coaching session to discover more about your strengths and reaction to situations that demand change, adaptation, transformation or innovation. Set your tailored action plan to develop.

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